lørdag 26. februar 2011

We (Emi, Bani, Adiza, Ines & Emilio) live in Oslo, Norway.  I grew up with  my parents breeding El-Adini Salukis. In 1995 the azawakh, Eckimendi n'shat-ehad joined our family, she was the first azawakh in Norway . A few years later Namji n'shat-ehad was added to our family. Bani-Bangou Kel Tamaschek came to us from Carmen Soisch in Germany in 2008. Bani is the mother of the first azawakh-litter in Norway, born in 2011. 
We kept Adiza from our first litter, she grew up to be a fantastic azawakh, with a charming, confident and funny personality. 

From the time I got to know Eckimendi in 1995, I was certain that Azawakh is the companion for me. I am still, and I will always be deeply facinated by the intelligence, loyalty and special character of the azawakh. 
The first Azawakh in Norway -Ecki- and the Saluki puppies

Ines meeting Azawakh in Mali, 1996
Bani-Bangou Kel Tamaschek

Bani & Ines

We can be reached at inesblix@hotmail.com

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